Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sketch.... and warm up!

Trying to keep up the posts. More to come tomorrow.....

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David Bernath said...

Underdrawing, yay! Anyway, for the top drawing, I like the way his (screen) left leg line flows straight from the bottom of his arm down to his cuff- before the peg leg. The right arm is nice too - how you rode the line from forearm to fingertip.

Negative: watch out for tangents. Specifically the point where the back leg's outer line meets the arm at the same point as his overalls. Another tangent occurs where his right arm's cuff meets his pant's button and his overalls' outline. They steal attention from the rest of the drawing by being too busy... Something else the teachers used to mention. Very important in design.

Overall, the drawings I see from you with underdrawings tend to have a greater sense of volume and more confident line work.

Also nice to see quick sketches from you. I like the three heads in the top right.

btw, I know Chris prefers shorter comments from me - which I will abide from now on. Are you of the same mind? You want short comments or the normal?