Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Warm Ups

Trying to get some drawing in when I can.

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David Bernath said...

Nice to see some fresh stuff! Old guy's face is great. All the features are properly aligned, and the break by the chin is nice. Good expression too. It looks like he's contemplating teaching that kid why its not a good idea to leave balls in his yard. Serves the kid right!

Fave of the second page is the small head with the mustache between the fullbody and the bald guy. First page I've seen with you using the red china marker as well. Keeps your lines light and fluid. In this instance broad lines are better than short and sketchy, which you've done admirably on the head I mentioned.

Annnnd, it wouldn't be a comment from me without a suggestion tacked on ;). Wayne once told me that when doing solitary heads, it's still a good idea to throw the beginnings of a neck down as well. Places the head on a body, otherwise they look like disembodied to the viewer.