Monday, 11 July 2011

people sketches

I can't help but notice interesting people while working at my non-creative job.


David Bernath said...

Haven't commented here in a while.

Anyway, the robber is fantastic. A pose that is neither the 'steve' pose nor a straight frontal shot. I really felt the need to bold that. The sinuous LoA of his body is very nice. Face is well stylized, and has a nice contrast of complex vs simple curves. Front hand is also good. When I first looked at it, I thought the silhouette of his left hand was actually block shading on his right. Somehow, I prefer thinking of it that way, despite knowing your intentions. Looks very graphic that way. I want to suggest that you play with block shadows, since it seems to compliment your strong shapes and bring them out (even knowing that it's supposed to be his other hand :/)

On the horizontal shot with the business man in the center, my fave is the far left one. The single line illustrating his nose and mouth perhaps. It's almost 4 in the morning though, so I can't quite pinpoint why. Suppose I'll leave that to you.

On the one with the goatee guy in the bottom right, I like the geezer in the top right and the girl in the striped shirt taking the center. For the geezer, the bulbous forehead and chin shape stand out. I also like how the nose brings you back into the center from the glasses protruding from the silhouette. The head shape in general is quite appealing to me. The girl's straight LoA and hair display her character very well. Just something about that hair... Also like the wings on the guy with the backwards cap.

Now that you've shown an image without resorting to the two aforementioned poses, I expect to see far more imaginative posing from you from now on :D. Maybe even perspective :P Burn your dread Steve.

jensen said...

I'm a big fan of the Criminal at the top too! nice.