Wednesday, 16 March 2011


That's the number in my Nicolas Marlet Sketchbook, which I got for my b-day! It's full of inspirational artwork. More to come...


David Bernath said...

First off, I have no idea how you are posting these, but they can't be enlarged. Kind of a pain when you want to see the designs more closely but can't. Everything in this post seems to be that way :(

As always, opinion is merely opinion ;) , the following are only suggestions (since you did ask for them)

Bottom one bears a slight resemblance to jonah jameson from spiderman lol - not that it is a bad thing by any means. The bottom of the nose seems to be passing the right side of the center contour running down his face - so it looks like his nose is entering inwards (inverting?). If you displace the front of the nose off that contour further to the left, I think it would add some depth and a greater feel of the nose protruding. Even if your intent was for the nose to run flat straight down, it needs to follow the contour otherwise it feels like it is either broken (leaning to the right) or the aforementioned inversion. The mustache also runs tangential to the cheek crease running off the right side of the nose. There is potential for overlapping shapes here. For some reason I'd like to see the lip extended further out. It brakes the silhouette as is, but I feel it could be pushed even further. The nose, lip, and chin seem to be the main focus imo. I really like the lip - it just adds so much character for me. As always, I admire the simplicity, yet intensity of the eyes.

The line of head designs is hard to see (just saying it again - cause I really want to zoom in). I like middle on that has a larger chin area leading near seamlessly into the neck. Not constructive, but the toothy smile on the second from the left freaks me out.

Ah, the ever present hawkman. Not criticism, but a challenge I guess. Next one I'd like to see a strong line of action. Can be whatever you like. Contra pasta (I think that's what it's called) or just a simple arc. But no straight up and down. I know you can do way more than that. Or give perspective a shot. Make it crazy. Proportions don't need to be right as long as it looks good after all. Rule of cool beats everything.

Seems I essayed you again. But alas, I am not very forward in general. Oh well.

David Bernath said...

Oh yeah, I don't know if it alerts you to new comments (I wouldn't know since I don't get any lol), but I commented on a few of your older posts as well. Umm, kinda essayed you a few times. Nothing past the first page though. You have improved a lot since then, so individual comments aren't really warranted (that and I'm too tired).

To generalize on the past couple pages though: The big cartoony eyes that you barely use are really appealing. You could just do some sheets of eyes alone to widen that range even further. See how many different types you can throw down in an hour. Eyes are the portals to the soul after all. You have a great understanding of manipulating eye shapes (like the lids!), but a larger array of eye 'types' (I want to call them cores) would really augment your designs even further.

Your facial shapes have always been great, just remember the generic underlying construction (quick contour lines before throwing down anything else = the cross would be enough). You don't need to follow it - doing so would only constrain your ability to push things, but simply keeping it in the back of your mind would alert you to anything that doesn't jive.

I know you can take criticism, but a part of me always feels like a dick when I talk like this. I'll try to continue commenting if you like, just know that I never mean any harm. I'm just a very talkative peer giving his 2 cents.