Sunday, 9 January 2011


I was looking at Bruce Timm's work all day.

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David Bernath said...

Like the stylized arm a lot. Hands are also nice. The thighs would really benefit from the same level of stylization. Especially the left leg. You can use the line from the upper left thigh to flow into the opposite line of the lower leg. As clint would say, the sausage leg returns!

Also, the line of the lower thigh of the same leg could flow straight through the back of the body, and up and around the shoulder. You can still push and define the shoulder through the upper shoulder ball thing hitting into the bicep (can't remember the name at all) I noticed you defined where the shoulder connects to the back. Thought it is anatomically correct, the flow and stylization simply amps up the appeal. Sometimes sacrificing detail provides the greater impact (clint again = less is more). Took me forever to drill this into my head - if my 1st term musclebound characters taught me anything lol.

Won't mention the head construction (which is minor anyway) since you've improved so much since this drawing. Your faces especially are simply much stronger.

Gonna be harsh here :X, I know chains are a huge pain, but the chain reminds me of the red and green paper chains that hung around the classrooms at christmas ;P I have no fix for this other than spending forever doing the chains. To be honest though, I wouldn't bother either lol.