Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy 2011!

Here's to hoping I get that job in an animation studio!

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David Bernath said...

The kid in the bottom picture is great. I love his face. Rather than using the default spacing between the bits, you changed the mouth location quite a bit here, and it adds a lot of impact to the character's sense of innocence. You don't usually go for the cute eyes either, but you make it work. You should play around with obscure eye types more often - especially since it works so well here.

Don't forget your LoAs!!!! Whether animation or a single picture, it serves as the source for all force. No matter the details, the LoA is the difference between static and lifeless to dynamic and powerful.

LoA = Line of Action lol. We need more acronyms in animation, so I'm gonna start using them :D - I made winter ale now commonly known as vanilla beer (at school), now this HAHAHA.